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Water intrusion leads to costly damage in new builds and remodels

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Construction Law

Many construction defects can arise during the erection of a new building or a remodel. Typically, the most damaging and costly defects are those that open a path for water intrusion.

Defects can result in water seepage or flow for several reasons, including shoddy construction techniques or using substandard materials. Those suffering property and financial loss due to construction defects have the right to seek a legal solution.

How does water intrusion damage buildings?

Any time water is allowed to pool, flow or otherwise intrude into a manufactured structure, significant property damage is likely. Those who spot the problem early might avoid the worst destruction, but water intrusion is not always easily noticeable.

For example, if improperly installed plumbing features fail, water may flow through the structure (walls, etc.) for some time before anyone notices. By then, structural damage is usually too severe to repair easily.

Some of the destructive effects of undetected intrusion include:

  • Wood rot
  • Foundation damage
  • Waterlogged support components
  • Widespread weakening of the structure
  • Damage to the roof, walls or window frames

Unchecked water intrusion can also affect the health of the occupants. Toxic mold can develop in areas where water exists, leading to significant medical problems for at-risk individuals.

Further, intruding water or water vapor could affect the overall air quality inside the building. Breathing damp or musty air (and inhaling mold spores) sometimes leads to or worsens respiratory ailments.

If you suspect construction defects damaged your home or building, learn more about your options for financial recovery in Washington state. Assistance from a legal professional improves your odds of obtaining the compensation you deserve for your losses.