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3 causes of construction defects

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2023 | Construction Law

When you hire a construction company for your commercial or residential project, you expect quality work. However, while most companies observe this duty, some may fail, resulting in construction defects. But how does this happen?

Here are three causes of construction defects:

Contractors managing multiple projects

The chances are the contractor you hired is talented, as you did your research. However, you may fail to see their proficiency if they are managing multiple projects. They may not give your project as much attention as they should. Accordingly, workers, particularly those who can’t work efficiently unsupervised, may make mistakes and cover them. 

You should choose a contractor with a few projects. But if you find a reliable one with multiple of them, they should inform you how they plan to manage yours without compromising quality.

Poor workmanship

When a contractor fails to follow industry quality standard practices, project requirements or manufacturers’ installation instructions, your building will have defects. Other forms of poor workmanship are a company hiring incompetent workers and using substandard building materials.

 A construction company should only allow skilled people to work on your project. Further, they should not substitute one material for another or use damaged ones.

Design defects

At times, a defect may occur in the architectural stage. In such a case, even if the contractor observes construction codes and uses quality materials, a building will still have problems. 

An architect should check a design in-depth for an extended period, analyzing every aspect to identify and correct potential problems before allowing construction to start. If the architect misses even one flaw, your building may experience significant issues in the future.

If you are experiencing a construction defect, it may be best to get legal help to receive the compensation you deserve.