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Electrical issues are a top cause of building fires

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2024 | Construction Law

Electrical issues are one of the most common building defects. In some cases, it’s just that certain electrical circuits weren’t installed properly or that switches and outlets weren’t hooked up. In other cases, there could be too many outlets on one line, meaning that the electrical system fails when the homeowner tries to use it.

But there are also more serious situations where electrical systems cause building fires. They are one of the top reasons for house fires, along with things like cooking fires, candles, heating equipment or smoking in the home. But the difference with electrical fires is that many homeowners or property owners aren’t even aware that there’s an issue until the fire takes place.

How can you avoid these defects?

Property owners can work to avoid serious electrical defects, and this starts with using qualified electricians on every job. After the job is done, an official home inspector should look at the work to make sure that it has been done correctly.

If there is an issue, property owners may notice problems like blown fuses or flipped breakers before a fire starts. These types of unusual issues could be an indicator that there’s a serious risk, and the problems can sometimes be resolved before a fire breaks out. 

But the reality is that many electrical issues are entirely hidden. Wires that are sparking in someone’s attic aren’t going to draw much attention until the house catches on fire. At that point, there may be nothing else to do but call the fire department.

Your legal options

If you’re a property owner who is experiencing building defects like this, be sure you know exactly what legal steps you can take.