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Filing A Defective Construction Claim

Construction defects in commercial and residential buildings can take many forms. There can be problems with structural integrity, faulty mechanical and electrical systems, water intrusion (including mold issues) and more.  If you are dealing with any of these problems, an experienced construction defects lawyer can help you pursue your claim.

My name is Chris Casey, and I am a Washington attorney who helps the victims of housing and construction defects earn the compensation they need to become whole again after suffering avoidable damages. I am proud to fight for people against the major corporations who are liable for your property’s damages, and I will do what it takes to secure the ideal outcome in your case from my office of Casey Law PLLC.

My Experience Is Your Advantage

I have more than 20 years of experience practicing law, including as a former construction defect defense attorney and as a district defense attorney with an undefeated trial record. I know these types of cases through and through, and I will take the time necessary to develop a custom-tailored strategy to help you earn the outcome you deserve in your case.

When the actions of another party’s construction efforts result in a dangerous environment for the property’s guests and residents, often resulting from an issue with the design, workmanship or components, I can help you hold the liable party accountable. I know the difference between normal wear and tear from a construction defect, and I am not afraid of going the distance to provide you with the full and fair compensation you deserve in your case.

Have A Skilled Attorney At Your Side

Do not make the mistake of letting someone convince you not to consult with an attorney after experiencing a construction defect. Even when the builder or contractor claims they are not liable, they may just be trying to avoid paying you what you deserve.

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