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+ Who is liable for the damage from the storm?


  • Express liability for 1 year from completion
  • Implied liability for 6 years from completion
  • Extended liability if we can prove they marketed the homes as “quality”

There are four parties that seek to lay responsibility on each other.

  • The manufacturers of the siding and shingles
    • The siding is rated at 150 mph
    • The shingles are rated at 120 mph
  • The builder who installed the product on your home
    • Reports are coming in of structural, roof and siding code violations that could extend to every home
  • Your homeowners insurance company
    • Depending on your policy, they would cover the damage, but you will have to pay a deductible and your rates may go up.
    • Your homeowners insurance may provide immediate relief to mitigate damage to your home and they may provide reports that help us against your builder.
  • You

+ Can I sue the builder?

Yes, despite what you may have been told or read in your contract Washington state law requires many things outside of the contract you have signed. The builder preys on the ignorant. Contact us at Casey Law PLLC to be aware of all your rights. A copy of your Purchase and Sale Agreement and any warranty information will help us understand the specifics of your case.

+ Is the city liable?

No, the Public Duty Doctrine essentially gives them immunity in this matter.

+ What should homeowners do?

You should contact us and see if you are still eligible for a free inspection.

  • File a claim with the product manufacturer.
  • File a claim with the builder.
  • Start gathering your Purchase and Sale Agreement documents and anything related to a warranty.

+ How much do your services cost?

We work on contingency and collect payment from the builder’s insurance company.

We also work hourly at $399/hr.

+ My home was not built by LGI

If your home was damaged in the storm, this information applies to you.

If your home was not damaged in this storm, but you believe that it may be damaged in the next storm, this applies to you.