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T1-11 Defects

Louisiana Pacific T1-11 Siding

Louisiana T1-11 siding panels is a product I know well; better than any building product I’ve ever seen, and I’ve drawn one conclusion! Everything about this product is … wrong. The product does not work as intended yet, because of its low price, it continues to be installed on thousands of homes throughout Washington. T1-11 panels are constructed with wood chips and glue – not a great thing when dealing with wet weather. And even worse, when it’s not installed correctly, disaster in the form of property damage is always a result. Despite its poor reputation as an exterior weather barrier, it is still being installed throughout Washington and on thousands of entry-level homes; homes that are being sold to unsuspecting primarily first-time buyers. I have represented approximately 140 homeowners who have had T1-11 siding installed in their homes. At each of these homes we’ve (including architects and engineers) confirmed the product does .. not .. work. It’s cheap, it’s complicated to install unless by a certified installer (never happens), and it’s installation invites contractors to cut corners. If you suspect your home is constructed with T1-11 siding, and your home is less than six years old or the siding was installed less than six years ago, contact me at 206-829-5996. I want to come to see for myself how your siding is installed. If we see there’s a problem with the installation, we’ll offer you different solutions, including going after the installer or contractor to refund you the money wasted in incorrectly installing the siding.

The following are common photos demonstrating the faulty installation of LP’s T1-11 siding, problems that are not usually identified by a homeowner until it is far too late to take action against the installer or builder.