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3 red flags to watch out for when assessing a contractor’s work

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Construction Law

Construction defects in apartment complexes can be a frustrating issue for property owners. Over time, all properties will face deterioration that requires repairs or renovations. However, dealing with substandard work from a contractor can be equally frustrating. Contractors promise to complete the job but may not deliver the quality of work expected. This can cause more headaches and, potentially, legal action.

Ensuring tenant safety and satisfaction

Apartment owners aim to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment to keep tenants. They hire contractors for repairs, but not all deliver the expected quality of work. Here are three warning signs of poor-quality contractor work on the property:

  1. Poor quality workmanship
  2. Safety hazards
  3. Unapproved changes

Apartment owners may hire professionals for decorative treatments to attract new tenants. But if contractors do not deliver quality work, it may discourage potential tenants and cause existing tenants to leave, leading to other problems.

Lack of efficiency

Efficiency is crucial in the housing market as well as good communication. If a contractor is unresponsive or lacks communication, it could be a warning sign of larger problems with the project.

Taking action against further damage

Owners are always concerned about any potential hazards or safety risks on their property or for their tenants. If they believe their contractor has provided subpar work, they may file a claim for damages.

The legal options available to apartment owners depend on the construction or renovation contract terms. Therefore, owners should carefully evaluate the terms of the contract to resolve any construction disputes. This may enable owners to urge contractors to complete the work successfully.