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Who is Chris Casey?

  • An attorney with 23 Years Construction Defect litigation experience.
  • Successfully represented 200 homes built with T1-11 siding over the last four years.
  • Recovered more than $12 million dollars.
  • Average client recovery – $40,000.
  • 100% T1-11 litigation success rate.

Why is T1-11 a problem?

  • T1-11 panels are cheap building products constructed with wood chips and glue. The panels aren’t capable of holding up in PNW’s windy wet climate.
  • After four or five years the panels rot, disintegrate, and develop mold on the inside face / backside of the panels.
  • T1-11’s installation method allows water to drip down the backside of the panels, where it is absorbed into the bottom of the panels. This causes the panels to expand, rot, and develop mold on the back of the panels, unseen by casual exterior observation.
  • The flammability of T1-11 is higher than other types of siding, such as, fiber cement, stucco, brick, or even natural wood siding.

In just a few years your siding could look like this:

Cheap building products

How can Casey Law help?

  • We provide a no-cost inspection of your siding performed by a licensed architect who will determine whether your home’s siding is installed properly or is failing.
  • We represent your interests by filing a lawsuit against the builder of your home to get you the funds needed to keep your home safe and protected from the weather.

There are time limitations for pursuing a construction claim in Washington State. Don’t delay.

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